New Music, New Faces, New Show!!

Rio & The Rockabilly Revival rumbles in to O’Mara’s Irish Pub on July 8 wsg Sweet Willie Tea!

New music, new show! 
Fresh off their double win at the Detroit Music Awards and just voted Best Local Band (originals) by HOUR Detroit Magazine for third year in a row!


Featuring Rio, fearless front woman and Rock N Roll savior of your soul. This ‘Rockabilly Gal‘ is “like some sort of a possessed evangelical-satanic dervish” (Brett Callwood, Metro Times) with “enough earthy sex appeal to move tectonic plates.” (Tom Steven, MetroVibe Magazine.)


Junebug Harris, on the big ol’ #Doghouse, is a bass-slappin’ fool! He’ll be in the house, driving the throttle on this ‘Runaway Train!’

“The Reverend” Bobby Black

Catch “The Reverend” Bobby Black on guitar in his first hometown show with the #Revival. You best be ready to ‘Testify‘!! Sinners welcome.


Cymone TC (AKA: Backbeat Goddess) gonna make you ‘Feel The Beat‘ pullin’ you deep in that dirty rockabilly pocket.

Squeaky Schabo

Eric Schabo (AKA: Squeaky) Gonna blow the roof off and have you ‘On Your Knees’ with that wailin’ #Sax! Blow, baby, blow!

Renee Turner, backing vocalist

Cindee Lish, backing vocalist

And don’t forget the sweet and spicy 1-2 punch of Renee Turner and Cindee Lish on backing vocals to bring harmony to this rock and roll wonder! They may be roots rock angels, but don’t let the frock fool ya’! They got the ‘Devil Inside!’

Tickets have been on sale one day and are flying! Get ’em while you can! #sin #sweat #swagger


In Loving Memory of Mike N Kelly

Rio and Mike KellyRio here. In January, my dear friend Mike Kelly, succumbed to 28+ years of depression, and took his own life. In tribute and memory of Mike, from now through March 8th, 2016 (Mike’s birthday), 30% of every download copy of “Testify” will be donated to the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation in the name of Mike N Kelly, as his parents had requested that his friends do, in lieu of flowers, for Mike’s funeral.

Please click HERE to make your donation and get a copy of “Testify.”

Mike encouraged me through so many tough moments during the recording of this album, he believed in me and the album. He talked me down off the ledge of scraping the entire project at one point, and reassured me I was on my right path; even as I dealt with countless roadblocks and a few people who dragged the process down with petty behavior. He would look me straight in the eye and remind me of what mattered most, and his eyes sparkled listening to even the raw tracks early on in the process. I will always be grateful for that. I love you, Mike.

If you or someone you know is having thoughts of self-harm or suicide, please, I beg of you to reach out to someone! Call someone you know, or contact National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1.800.273.8255! You are cherished far more than you may ever know.

Learn more about the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation at

Santa Skipped My House X2!

To our complete (not) horror, Rio was skipped once again by the infamous St Nick on Christmas Eve, for reasons well documented in the above video!

See the Revival’s full “Santa Skipped My House,” and our exclusive “Naughty List” slideshow version of the video, featuring several of our “bad girl” pinup friends: Maella Cai Vane, Queen Bee, Ada Vice, Gabbey Music, Stella Swoon, Adeline Gadlin and Erin Sanchez.

See the Sexy Pinup Slide Show below!!

On Air with Mitch Albom

RRR with Mitch Albom August 2015

Left to right: Eric Schabo, Junebug Harris, Charlie Bongo, Rio Scafone, Mitch Albom, Renee Turner, Kelly Bevez, & Jimmy Alter at the WJR Studios in the Fisher Building, New Center, Detroit, MI.

We had a great time with Mitch, Ray, Kenny and the rest of the Mitch Albom crew on WJR Radio 760 AM, Detroit yesterday (8/16/15). So nice to talk to Mitch, and he had plenty to talk to us about on the show! We covered upcoming Vinyl release of “Testify,” touring in Ireland and United Kingdom, and much more. He eluded to RRR making a return to Mitch Albom’s SAY Charities Holiday Radiothon which raised over $400,000 in 2014 alone, with a dedication to make a difference for Detroit area families. They revamp and giveaway HOUSES on the Radiothon every year! It’s an honor to be a part of the radiothon.

Working It – August 2015

WORK!!! What the holy harmonies, Batman!!! … With a side of sheer terror!

Getting ready for the 2015 Ford Arts Beats & Eats presented by Soaring Eagle Casino, in Royal Oak, Michigan. We’re playing Sunday, Sept 6 at 8pm (local time) on the Budweiser Americana Stage. Gonna have a great time with so many other amazing acts on this festival! Everyone from the Cheap Trick, Puddle of Mud, Gin Blossoms, Neon Trees, Young The Giant, Carolyn Striho, Twistin’ Tarantulas, Thornetta Davis, and so many more than we can list here!

Find out more about all the music, art, food and fun here:


WJR Radio

Mitch Albom’s Website

Listen in LIVE right here!

Stay tuned for lots of EXCITING news, including many new show opportunities across the USA, future European tours, and a VERY special Holiday Season announcement in the works!