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December 31st, 2023

New Music at the 11th hour of 2023!

Before the final hours of 2023, we bring you our latest single release, “Monster.” It’s Rio’s personal telling of either her obsession with serial killer true crime stories, or her phobia of accordions. There are some other treats in the lyrics too!


This is the first track recorded with the new blood of the Revival! Lyrics and Music by Rio with music and arrangement by Junebug, with Paige Grider on tenor sax, Mark Leo on that wicked Gretsch guitar, Jonathon Elkins on Drums, recorded and produced by Junebug at Studio de la Revival, additional production by Rio herself, and mixed by Junebug as well.

It’s available now right here from us, not to mention already either on or about to be on every major digital distributor around (with our recommendations being to give it a spin through Tidal or Apple Music)

But wait! There’s more!

For those who don’t know yet, Rio was diagnosed with colon cancer just before Christmas of 2022. Thankfully, it was removed and totally contained by January of 2023. She’s officially in remission, but her doctors are saying they consider her “cured.” Needless to say, it was a pretty terrifying end (and beginning) of the year. Rio recovered quickly for someone who had two feet of colon removed, but it obviously was a very big deal and slowed down a lot of what we had been hoping to accomplish in the early parts of 2023.

Fast forward a bit, and recently Rio has been introduced by an organization, Cancer Can Rock, a non-profit org founded by Jim Ebert, a multi-platinum record producer and himself a cancer survivor.

Rio has been invited to meet with Jim Ebert down in Washington D.C. in March to have one of our more recent compositions, “Train to Glory,” produced and recorded for Cancer Can Rock. Here’s what Cancer Can Rock has to say about what they do:

“Unlike most cancer-based charities, Cancer Can Rock doesn’t seek a cure, rather it strives to serve a singular community: Musicians facing aggressive cancer. Donations to Cancer Can Rock go toward getting these musicians into a studio with professionals and producing a tangible result for them and their families during what is otherwise an unsettling time for them. These songs have provided both pride for those who have survived and solace for those that survived them.”



April 13th, 2022


Hello Revival Fans!!!

Thanks so much to everyone who has been participating with our Live Stream shows! We’ve loved having that outlet to connect with you all!

But here’s the good news: We’re getting back at live shows as fast as we can! We have shows already booked in the Detroit area, such as Hotel Royal Oak on June 4th, but we’re also performing at a Corktown, Detroit Festival on September 18th, with the Hi-Views and The Orbitsuns! All are sure to be great shows, and more are in the works!

We’re also going to keep up with Live Stream shows, so keep your eyes on the TourBox schedule, as well as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube for updates on when Live Streams will be happening.

Here’s some samples of recent live performances (pre-pandemic) and some Live Stream action.

Can’t wait to see you all soon!


December 17th, 2021


Well, well, well! Happy Holidays, friends and fans! We hope December is treating everyone well! Thankfully, it’s treating us fabulously! Rio and the Rockabilly Revival’s Holiday Hootenanny Live Stream Concert!!

December 18th, 2o21, catch Rio and the Rockabilly Live with our special annual holiday show. With the ongoing issues with the Pandemic, we figured the best way to reach everyone was directly in their living rooms. So bring us all home and catch the Christmas Season fun tomorrow. Zip on over to our channels at YouTube, Twitch and Facebook, where the stream will be broadcast simultaneously. Then when they’re available, I’ll add the links below:


or https://www.facebook.com/1116316213/videos/451401293286784/


JUNE 8, 2021

New Nominations for Josie Music Awards!

Rio and the Rockabilly Revival nominated for 2021 Group of the Year at the 2021 Josie Music Awards!

Even during a world wide pandemic, the music plays on! Rio and the Rockabilly Revival have been honored with a nomination for Group of the Year!

Rio nominated for FOUR 2021 Josie Music Awards!

What’s even more exciting is Rio (as a solo artist) has ALSO been nominated! Rio is up for three Josie awards in the categories of Rock Vocalist of the Year, Rock Artist of the Year, Entertainer of the Year, and her most recent single, “Fire & Brimstone” is up for Rock Song of the Year! Junebug played bass on “Fire and Brimstone,” and it also features the talents of  Brett Lucas (Guitar), Henrik Karapetyan (Violins), Rick Beamon (Drums), and Gregg Fox (Keys).

The Josie Music Awards is the largest independent music award and show on the planet, with well over 40,000 submissions for considerations from all over the world, even during a pandemic. We are honored to receive this recognition with such a rich and diverse group of musicians.

The 2021 Josie Music Awards will be held September 17th and 18th at the Country Tonite Theater in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Tickets are available and the show is open to the public.


APRIL 2020


Hey everyone. The Coronavirus pandemic has left us with as few upcoming shows as everyone else. But don’t worry! Once we all get the all clear, we are going into booking OVERDRIVE and we will be in your home town ASAP!!!

Can. Not. Wait.

Stay safe. Stay Healthy. Wash your hands! 😉



New music coming soon!

Slowly coming back out of the “fog” of caring for my dad and watching over him in his final days, only a few weeks after the passing of his brother (and my uncle) Jack Scott. I was not sure how soon I would get back to making music but I guess I’m bouncing back sooner than I thought.

Working on two tracks, one for my solo music (Rio) and one for Rio & The Rockabilly Revival. Feeling really good about them both. Exciting music (and acting) possibilities for 2020 on the horizon, I want to make the most of them. Dad would want that too.



RIP Ronald Richard Scafone
aka Dad
Sept 3, 1944 – Jan 15, 2020


RIP Giovanni Domenico Scafone, Jr
aka Jack Scott
Jan 24, 1936 – Dec 12, 2019