“Then Scafone’s on stage, twisting, gyrating and owning every inch like some sort of possessed, evangelical-satanic dervish.  It’s at once nostalgic performance art, killer show band and rock ‘n’ roll wonder.”

Brett Callwood, The MetroTimes

March 7, 2012

“On a 100 degree Sunday afternoon ... Her raven hair was set off by a bosom glistening with sweat like a gypsy woman ragged on crank, and when she kicked off her number, “Save My Soul,” I must report that despite the pervasive swelter, goosebumps raised on both my arms and a chill shot up and down my spine.

... Rio Scafone is a firebrand, a hell-spitting minx whose core, however, is hope and salvation.  And, frankly, enough earthly sex appeal to move tectonic plates.  Whipping an audience into a frenzy worthy of a revival tent is akin to water rolling off a duck’s back for Rio and company.”

Tom Stevens, MetroVibe Magazine,

Vol 1, Issue 2, October 2012

“Rio was so captivating that it didn’t matter if you were male or female, your eyes didn’t want to leave her for a second.  I was completely locked in on her.  Watching the band felt like an honor; like we should be thanking them.  I was convinced I was witnessing a legend being born, seeing next generation icons.”

Vera Khzouz, HEAR Magazine

March 11, 2012

“Some artists don’t have that camaraderie after decades in the business, but Rio and the Rockabilly Revival have more than that: undeniable musicianship, perfect harmonies and contagious energy ... Just ask the three folks in the back who were so mover by the music, they caught the ‘Spirit.’”

Sam White, Between the Lines Magazine

September 1, 2011

Full-Tile Spitfire Roots Rhythm Rock ‘N Soul!
Rio and the Rockabilly Revival
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