For those of you out there that prefer dealing with items from the physical world instead of the ones and zeros of downloaded music, you can order your favorite RRR Merch and Swag RIGHT HERE!  Currently we have shirts, CDs and posters, but soon you’ll be able to grab everything from recipe books to DVDs/Blu-Rays and rockabilly coffee mugs.  Didn’t know there was a rockabilly coffee mug?  Oh, there is ... There IS! ...Or at least will be soon.

Women’s “Rockabilly Gal” V neck T-shirt.  Black.  S M L XL.

$15 + $5 shipping within the USA

Men’s/Unisex RRR Logo T-shirt.  Black.  M L XL 2XL. 

$15 + $5 shipping within the USA

“The Midnight Rebel Sessions” physical CD.  $9, includes shipping

Physical CDs currently sold out.

Digital copies may be purchased at all digital distributors, including, iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Bandcamp and many more.

11”x17” Rio and the Rockabilly Revival posters, glossy finish on heavy stock, suitable for matting and/or framing.

Either style $8, or signed for $10.

Please let us know to whom it should be personalized, and which member(s) of RRR you want to sign the poster, while filling out your order form.


Released August 23rd,2013


The latest album featuring 8 sizzling new tracks by RRR

$10 plus shipping in the USA.  Please contact us if shipping outside the USA.  Physical CDs in stock and ONLY available directly from RRR (for now).

Digital Downloads available from, iTunes, Amazon, and more!

‘Billy Profile

Blue 55

Rockabilly Gal


Pre-order your shirt now!! Graveldinger Graphix will be printing them LIVE, EXCLUSIVELY during our February 22nd concert at Callahan’s Music Hall in Auburn Hills, MI. If you’re at the show, they’ll also customize the shirt for $5. Get tickets here! If you can’t be at the show, all other orders shipped out on the Feb 23rd with $5 shipping. But THESE SPLAT design shirts will ONLY be printed on Feb 22. If they run out of shirts, that’s it! Can only GUARANTEE the shirts if they’re pre-ordered. Order yours today!